Web Cash Advance Review

Web Cash Advance ReviewWeb Cash Advance is a website dedicated to presenting personal loan or cash advance services that don’t require faxing and paperwork. It presents the services of multiple payday loan companies that offer fast application processes and secure transactions. It presents links to payday loan matching websites and payday loan lenders in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Web Cash Advance does not operate a payday loan business. It only facilitates access to payday loans and other related services. As such, it does not run physical office or have an actual office location. Its website also does not feature SSL security or other similar means of ensuring the security of its users. What it offers is a selection of reliable top payday loan providers.

Web Cash Advance Review – Payday Loan Matching

Payday loan matching sites are a form of online service that helps customers in finding a responsible and reliable lender. Web Cash Advance lists a number of these sites that serve customers in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, there is none listed for customers in the United States. Also, there are some dead links listed as well as those that redirect to landing pages (for sites that have been deactivated or discontinued). This could be an indication that the listings have not been reviewed for some time.

If you intend to rely on these listings, you have to carefully make comparisons or at least try going over a few and decide which one you think is the best to use. Also, be sure to remember that they are not financial service providers or banking institutions. You might encounter terms and rates and assume that they are being offered on the website. They simply match payday loan customers to providers that are deemed suitable. Use these sites as aids in your search for a loan provider or simply proceed to the “Payday Loan Lenders” list below it.

Payday Loan Lenders
Web Cash Advance lists a few payday loan lenders. There’s one recommended for Australian customers, another one for Canadians, two for those in the UK, and a handful for those in the United States. These payday loan providers have been chosen as the best options for online payday loan, based on the site’s standards. Almost all of the featured lenders have similar terms and rates, with variations depending on prevailing state regulations. They also employ similar loan application requirements and procedures. In terms of customer service, they are also somewhat similar. They have physical store addresses and they can be easily contacted online or by telephone. When it comes to security, these sites make use of secure pages for processing applications. Most of them also feature live online chat support.

On a side note, just like the payday loan matching listings, there are a couple of links not working. This does not mean a serious defect but it infers that the links haven’t been updated. It would have been better if these were regularly reviewed.

Rates and Terms
The recommended lenders and payday loan matching sites on Web Cash Advance have varying rates and terms. The site does not offer overviews of these terms. It does not mention the reasons why the listed lenders are being recommended. Nevertheless, Web Cash Advance provides the guarantee that the listed lenders comply with lending regulations in the areas they serve. The lenders on the list are expected to offer competitive rates worth considering.

Our Recommendation
Web Cash Advance merely acts as a mini directory of recommended cash payday loan matching sites and payday loan service providers. Its listings are too few for it to be considered a full-blown payday loans directory but it offers the guarantee of quality on the sites and lenders listed.

Almost all of the sites listed include the basic features of reliable payday loan providers: physical office, contact details, clear loan terms, and different customer service options. What makes Web Cash Advance somewhat disappointing, though, is its excessive minimalism. It provides straightforward listings of payday sites. Adding descriptions or ratings for the featured sites would have helped. Likewise, information about the range of amounts offered by the listed payday loan providers would have been a welcome addition.

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