Wisconsin Payday Loans

In the state of Wisconsin payday loans are legal. Generally you get payday loans from the lenders, which are companies. You can get any amount of loan from these companies as the law does not specify any minimum or maximum limit of amount that can be borrowed as a loan. Unlike other states, Wisconsin payday loans do not keep a cap over the rate of interest or fees. Lenders are free to charge any amount of fees.

There are no laws to regulate the rate of interest. This has to be mutually agreed between you and your lender. You can get a loan for any duration which may be agreed between you and your lender. This mutual agreement must be reduced to writing. If you have loaned $100 for 2 weeks the lender can impose any amount of interest on $100 but this should be mutually agreed. You should be cautious to choose a lending company then.

Payday loans Wisconsin lenders can charge you an interest rate up to 500% or more per year. There is no limit on the APRs as well. In addition to this, payday loan stores may charge you $15 as non-sufficient funds collection fee if your check was returned because of insufficient funds or because of a closed bank account.

wisconsin payday loans

Wisconsin Payday Loans Laws & Regulations

Rollovers are unlimited in regards to Wisconsin payday loans. The law is also silent on the point. Rolling over would mean paying the fees again without paying the principal amount. But in the case of Wisconsin you may end up paying an interest rate which is equal to your loan amount if you opt for many rollovers. You should be cautious enough and read the terms of the loan agreement carefully.

Try to pay back the loan within the agreed time frame. Wisconsin payday loans are for emergent financial needs; just a small caution of paying them on time can help you. The law is flexible, it allows you to choose your amount and interest rate. The crux then lies in the idea to be cautious about your agreement with the Wisconsin payday loans company giving you loan.

Northstar Loans

This lender offers payday loans and emergency cash by providing personal checks. You can apply online and get your money within 24 business hours. You just have to furnish some basic information. You should be an American citizen and not less than 18 years of age, having valid residential proof and you must have a checking account to get this service. If you are interested in using their services visit their branch office closest to you. Give them a call at 414-462-5626 or visit www.moneyinminutes.com.

EZ Money Payday Loans

This Wisconsin payday loans company offers a wide arrangement of services varying from pay day advances to other loan services. They provide for signature loans as well in some states. The lender claims to treat you with the respect you deserve. The application process is simple. Just look for the payday loan store nearest you. Print the application form, fill out the required information and make use of their services. Give them call at 414-327-1189 or visit their website at ezmoneypaydayloans.com.

Mister Money

This Wisconsin payday loans provider offers a wide arrangement of services, from check cashing to pay day loans. They also deal in gold. They are in business for more than 30 years. They do not have an online application procedure. They are one stop shop for a variety of your financial needs and Wisconsin payday loans. If you want to make use of their services you can personally visit one of their nearby locations. Give them a call at 307-433-1241 or visit their website www.mistermoney.com.

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