WorldCashNow Review

WorldCashNow ReviewIf you’re a Florida resident and trying to decide if WorldCashNow is the right choice for you, we’re here to help you with that decision.

The first thing that you should realize is that because they’re doing business in the state of Florida, they will be abiding by the Florida payday loan laws and regulations, the same way that any land-based payday lender will be abiding by. This means that you should get a similar experience, but without the hassle of going into a branch in person. You should be paying the same rates and fees, have the same maximum loan amounts, and their collection efforts should be regulated by local and federal laws.

That being said, the next thing you want to look for is how well they’re providing a solid user experience online. The biggest telltale sign is whether or not the application page is hosted on a secure server, and in this case it is. You’d be amazed how many online lenders expect you to give your personal and banking information over an insecure page. But that’s not the case with WorldCashNow, and you can feel good about transmitting this data, as it will reach them through an encrypted connection.

WorldCashNow Review – What You Need to Know

Since they are following Florida laws, you’ll notice that their rates are the same as what you’ll find if you drive to your local payday lender and ask. This is nice because there are several online lenders that basically charge whatever they feel like and offer you more money than what you could reasonably pay back on your next payday. This is the sort of unscrupulous lending you need to watch out for, and is a good reason to go with a company like WorldCashNow over some random company that is based offshore and is promising you the world in exchange for your banking details.

They do require that you fax in your documents, which might seem inconvenient if you don’t have a fax machine – and these days, who does? – but it’s really a sign that they’re crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. It provides documented proof that they asked you to confirm your employment information, and is added security for them so that they know you really do have the means to repay the loan. Even if you have to drive to a FedEx office or other document place with faxing services, it still beats waiting in line at the payday advance store on your payday.

Customer Service
They keep normal business hours for their toll free customer service line. This is another way that they are trying to be exactly like a brick and mortar company, just without the actual physical location. This allows them to cut overhead, and make a profit servicing fewer loans than those with actual retail locations can. But some online lenders don’t even offer customer service by phone, and only provide an email address, so it’s nice that WCN let’s you call in to an actual person during regular business hours.

Maximum Amount
They only go as high as $500 so if you need more than that you’re going to have to look elsewhere or use another service in addition to this one. It’s actually consumer friendly to put a limit on how much you can borrow, so it keeps you out of the payday loan trap and increases the chances that you won’t have to loan the money again once you pay it back. That is what cripples so many people financially, when they’re already down they get kicked by excessive payday loan fees every two weeks. Try to only borrow what you need so that you can pay it off on your next payday and cap the fees at just one, or maybe two times.

Our Recommendation
WorldCashNow is one of the better options for you if you live in the state of Florida, especially if you are in a rural area with no other payday options around. It’s fast, relatively painless, and provides the same exact product that you’d receive if you visited a local store. You get the cash you need until your next payday without having to drive anywhere and waste your time standing in line.

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