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In the case of Wyoming payday loans the law relating to payday loans is fairly comprehensive. Generally you are offered loans by lenders which are mostly companies. Unlike any other states, the state of Wyoming does not keep a cap over the total amount that you can borrow from these companies.

There is no maximum or minimum limit over the loan amount you can borrow from these lenders. The law, however, keeps a cap on the amount of charge or fees these lenders can take from you. This will either be $30 or 20% of the principal amount of loan whichever is greater. So if you take out a loan for $100 then the most that could be charged is $30 since $30 is greater than $20 which is 20% of the amount borrowed from Wyoming payday loans.

Wyoming Payday Loans Reviews & Laws

Similarly, if you borrow $200, and the loan is taken for a period of 14 days, the highest amount that can be charged is $30 because 20% of 200 will be $18.6 which is less than $30. The APR for a 14-day $100 loan is 780%. You should repay the loan within 30 days. A Wyoming payday loans companies must have a schedule of fees posted in an obvious place at their business. Client’s rights and obligations must also be clearly indicated. The law requires lending companies to be licensed.

wyoming payday loans

Rolling over of the loan is prohibited with Wyoming payday loans. Rolling over means you have to pay the fees again each time you rollover your loan but you do not have to pay the principal back. A lender, however, may permit the borrower to repay original finance charges in installments but may not charge an additional fee for its convenience. Wyoming payday loans may not be refinanced or in any way consolidated into a different payday loan. The law then seems to be borrower friendly.

Quik Check

This Wyoming payday loans provider claims to provide a wide arrangement of services from payday loans and check cashing, to money transfer and tax preparations. They claim to make your lending experience great on account of their services and expertise. They are in business for more than 13 years. They provide both online and offline service for your short term financial needs. Their online process to get Wyoming payday loans is easy. You can get money credited to your account by just furnishing basic information about you and do away with the financial problem in an emergency. You can make use of their service by visiting their local branch nearest you. Give them a call at 307-635-3200 or visit their website at www.quikcheck.com.

Mister Money USA

This Wyoming payday loans company offers a wide arrangement of services from providing pawn loans for unexpected bills to pay day loans. They are in the service for more than 30 years. This lender takes care of a wide variety of your financial needs and claims itself to be one stop shop for every thing from pawn loans to check cashing. They claim to provide you cash on your personal check. You just have to provide them basic information about you such as a proof of employment, valid ID and personal checking account. They do not provide online cashing services. So if you want to make use of their Wyoming payday loans services visit one of their local branches. They are ready to assist you. Give them a call 307-459-1389 or visit their website at www.mistermoney.com.

Cash Express

This Wyoming payday loans lender offers a wide range of financial products and services from cash advance loans to title loans and signature loan and check cashing. You just have to provide nominal information such as your most recent bank account statement, recent pay stub, proof of income verification, drivers license, residential proof, etc. Visit them personally at their branch office nearest you. They are ready to help you. Give them a call at 307-778-6175 or visit their website at www.cashtn.com/.

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