Your Fast Payday Loans Review

Your Fast Payday Loans ReviewPayday is one of the best days of the month and we all look forward to it. Your Fast Payday is one such service where the team understands the importance of payday and lends responsibly to meet your short term financial needs.

So if you have a steady job and income, just consider emergencies as a part of life and with a reliable lender like Your Fast Payday, the loan application and approval process is fairly simple.

So now your focus is on the need such as attending to a loved one in the hospital, or paying up that overdue bill rather than worrying about how to arrange for funds.

Your Fast Payday Loans Review – Initial Reaction

Your Fast Payday loan application process is quick and efficient: just fill out an online form on their website where you submit details regarding your income, bank checking account and some personal information. Your state of residence matters as the loan amount varies based on this factor while they do not offer this service in some states. Further, it is also important to ascertain if you are in the military or dependent on anyone employed there.

The Process
Once you’ve submitted the details all you need to do is wait for an hour to see if it’s approved. The fast and efficient loan underwriting system is built on modern technologies that draws data from various sources, processes them in a few minutes and renders a decision quickly. So no faxes or paper work and you may well qualify for a loan of up to $1000. The funds are credited to your account the following day. If the loan application is denied, you will receive an email to notify you of the same.

Next comes the repayment bit, which is again be hassle free considering that your pay check arrives on time. Your Fast Payday Loans have ample flexible payment options and borrowers can choose a plan that suits them well. One of the options is to pay back the loan in full but you will need to inform the customer care 3 business days before it’s due. You could also pay down your loan, again 3 business days before it’s due, with a finance fee that is charged in multiples of $50. If the loan is renewed to a new payment due date, a new finance fee is charged. So paying off the loan quickly is the best option.

There is an auto renewal option in case you are unable to pay the full loan amount before the due date. In such cases only the finance fee is debited from your account and the loan is renewed to a different due date. The loan can be renewed up to four times while the loan balance remains the same. After the fifth due date, if the loan is still not repaid in full, the finance fee and a $50 principal payment is debited, this will pay down the loan marginally. Typically Your Fast Payday charges 782.14% on a 14 day loan, now that translates to paying $30 for every $100 you borrow.

Other Considerations
In case you don’t need the money anymore just fax the application supplement to 1-888-883-9915. This needs to be done within a 24-hour window period following the loan approval. Your Fast Payday Loans is a boon to those who have not-so-good credit score as their approval process does not depend on credit ratings. Further, those who receive income on social security payments are also eligible for a loan provided they earn a gross monthly income of atleast $1500. Self-employed citizens are not eligible.

Our Recommendation
While payday loans are helpful in the short term, it is not recommended on a long term basis. So it’s best to repay the loan in full within the first due date rather than extend it for even a few months. This ensures that you’re not wasting money paying high finance fees and further renewal could also translate into more charges and the extra burden of repaying the principal amount in full.

Don’t we all hope our payday arrives fast? Now Your Fast Payday Loans works even faster, bailing you out of your short term financial debt, giving you that peace of mind that you thought exists only on your next payday.

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